Experiential Retail: Samsung 837

A store where you can’t buy anything? A DJ booth where you get your Samsung tablet fixed?Samsung 837 digital wall

That’s what you’ll find at Samsung 837. And more.

Here’s what we discovered when during a recent client briefing with the Samsung 837 team.

An immersive cultural center

Samsung considers the space the creative expression of its brand serving as a marketing center of excellence. It’s open to the public and gives even non-Samsung users the opportunity to experience their technology, signature services and culture.experiential retail digital theater

The only thing you can purchase at Samsung 837 is coffee and treats from its café. Samsung believes that its customers already have their preferred go-to supplier for electronics. That creates an enjoyable experience as you’re not bothered by sales people. Instead you can enjoy the amazing technologies and beautiful space.

Where technology and culture collide

The multi-level 55,000 sq. ft. space is located in the heart of New York’s hip Meatpacking District, just steps away from the Hi-Line linear park. 837 stands for its street number on Washington Street.virtual reality at samsung 837

It’s an ideal venue for special events like award shows, movie screenings, fashion shows, concerts and sporting events.

Featured in Samsung 837 are:

Customer Care Center offering individual concierge service to Samsung owners.

Theater featuring a massive 3-story, video wall made-up of 96 55” displays

Gallery featuring technology-based art installations commissioned by Samsung

Virtual Reality tunnel where you can experience selected content. The evening we visited Samsung 837, the featured content was a preview of Fox’s 24 Legacy.

A Studio encased in a glass cube that serves as an interactive hosting space for radio, podcasts, DJs, live recordings and celebrity interviews.

gear 360 photo

Gear 360 Photo Booth

360 Degree Photo/Video booth featuring the Gear 360 camera.

The Kitchen is equipped with Samsung smart appliances. It’s a great space for chef demonstrations, workshops and cooking classes.

A Café curated by Brooklyn-based Smorgasburg and Stand Coffee.

Experiential Retail with a community focus

Samsung is making a positive contribution to its community through partnerships with local businesses.  In addition to Smorgasburg and Stand Coffee, they’ve worked with local designer Rag & Bone to create wardrobe elements for its staff. There’s also a partnership with Black Egg for immersive storytelling powered by leading edge technologies.

Did they succeed?

We think that Samsung 837 succeeds in being the creative expression of its brand. Even for us loyal Apple users, the truly immersive experience gave us exceptional visibility into Samsung’s technologies and culture. We also like the idea of the location being a community gathering place, rather than another store. And the visual presentation was spectacular.

With the continued drive to create immersive in-store shopping experiences, we think that Experiential Retail will be a hot topic for 2017. Other retailers who’ve mastered this marketing approach include PirchUrban Outfitters Space Ninety8 and Restoration Hardware 

What’s your experience with Experiential Retail? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at info@mainstreetinc.net

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