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Mainstreet has been providing our clients with technologies and services for over 15 years. Each member of our leadership team and several members of our Mainstreet family bring a substantial 15 years or more of vast experience to the table for our clients to draw upon. From the beginning as one of the largest third party independent service providers focused on retail, this is what we have done, and still do well today.

Our Beginnings

Our Story begins with a small team of about 5 core people in 2003, when we became the depot service organization for a large national retailer. While helping them do business more efficiently and smoothly, we realized their service needs were not unique to only them. Other companies were looking for the same quality service we provide. Not long after our start, we began working with a technology manufacturer who needed an organization to repair the components in their self checkout systems.

These successful engagements enabled us to diversify our business giving us both a “direct to retailer” relationship as well as a “direct to manufacturer” relationship. That was only the beginning. From there we continued to grow, gaining other large retail and manufacturer clients.

What We Do, We Do Well

Because we’ve been there. You need someone you can rely on and someone you can trust. We understand the world of configuring, deploying, and supporting systems from traditional retail technologies to mobile devices and back office systems.

Mainstreet’s entire business model is centered around services, not just selling hardware. From procurement to integration, rollout, and repair, we are a services-based business that focuses on the needs of our clients. Mainstreet services extend from our central depot integration center to onsite technical resources and Project Management.

We understand that our clients have an investment in equipment and need to make the most of it. We help to extend the useful of our clients’ assets for many years. Our in-depth repairs extend equipment life while updating technology to keep an existing store system relevant. We also have the ability to service and support devices long after their original manufacturer has ended equipment’s service life.

With all the services we offer, our clients know we will be on time and on price.

Experience Matters

We know what works for each unique client saving them time, money and frustration. It’s the way we wrap ourselves around our clients, making sure they get the service they need while creating long-lasting partnerships.

The rest as they say is “history”, but our story isn’t finished. Our business is still going strong. We are our client’s advocate and trusted partner. What we do isn’t rocket science. It’s not unique. It’s just the way we do it. It’s our expertise, which helps our customers grow and be more efficient.