Essentials of Successful Technology Deployments, part 2

Gain better control of your technology deployments

Part 2 of 2: Why technology deployments fail. Importance of Life Cycle & OnSite services. What to look for in a deployment partner. What sets Mainstreet deployment solutions apart.  

Part 1 of 2: What technologies retailers are replacing in their stores. Effective planning. 

Panel Discussion with Solution Experts

2017 is shaping up to be a year of technology deployments as retailers are investing in new technologies to refresh their stores.

We asked our Mainstreet solution experts to discuss what they’re seeing in our industry and share some of the best practices learned from our 20+ years supporting in-store technologies.


Why do deployments fail?

Too much focus on cost cutting. For some retailers, using their existing in-house resources is not the answer as it can prolong deployments creating unnecessary complexities throughout their business. Hiring an expert like Mainstreet who partners with their business while sharing the goal of a successful, on-time, in-budget deployment is more effective and lets the retailer focus attention on running their stores.

Not securing buy-in from all stakeholders and ineffective training. Both impede the adoption of new technologies. Without those, even the most compelling solution on paper, or in a lab, is irrelevant as it sits in a corner of the store….unused.

How important are Life Cycle services when dealing with surplus equipment no longer needed at the stores?

Very important. It gives our clients greater control over the entire deployment.

Many retailers have implemented green initiatives and they’re extremely conscious of the environmental impact of their actions. When dealing with surplus equipment, they need the assurance and documentation that it is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Mainstreet provides our clients with one-stop-shopping that simplifies technology deployments rather than having to deal with multiple vendors. We deploy the new and everything that’s been de-installed at the stores is returned to our facility for consolidation, repurposing, remarketing and/or secure e-disposal.

Some clients simply instruct the aftermarket brokers or e-disposal companies that contact them to work directly with Mainstreet. They do that because they know that not only will we act on their behalf, with our knowledge of the aftermarket we get them the best prices for the surplus equipment they want us to sell.

When are on-site technical resources needed in deployments?

On-site technical services are essential for technology deployments that involve multiple devices as part of the solution and/or may require additional cabling or electrical work. And Mainstreet provides those services too with a network of vetted field technicians across the nation.

For mobile, we find that Mobile Device Management (MDM) lets you do most everything remotely provided the network infrastructure is already in place at the store. That simplifies the involvement by store associates in the installation.

Those essential store resources need to be focused on serving customers and running the store…..not installing technology.

How successful are manufacturer-provided deployments?

Manufacturers excel at making world-class products on a large-scale. And they’re good at getting those products from point A to point B.

But many are challenged because they’re not able to provide more customized support that retailers need on equipment from multiple manufacturers. As most are large corporations they can’t provide the agility and responsiveness that a solution provider like Mainstreet can deliver.

What makes Mainstreet an effective deployment partner for a retailer?  

Mainstreet is Focused on Retail. We’re Flexible in providing services that bring value to retailers. And, Accountable to the success of every project.

Ability to fully customize a solution to each client’s unique needs is a big differentiator for us. That’s made possible by the expertise we’ve gained through 20+ years supporting the various multi-vendor technologies that are at the heart of every retail store. We know what works in a complex retail store environment, and what doesn’t.

We’re also able to rapidly scale to varying technology deployments and changing clients’ needs. Our resources are flexible. Mainstreet’s PCI compliant 60,000 sq. ft. facility is well organized and can be quickly configured to create separate work and storage areas for every client’s projects.

If you’re a retailer who’s looking to deploy new technologies to your stores, we’d like to hear from you. Email or contact us directly at the email addresses below.

Our solution experts:

Terry Kasen, Vice President of Client Engagement (30 years of experience in retail technologies)

Email Terry at

Keith Highlen, National Accounts Manager (30 years of experience in retail technologies)

Email Keith at

Dustin Hamann, National Accounts Manager (15 years of experience in mobile solutions)

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Debbie Simurda, Vice President of Business Enablement (25 years of experience in retail technologies)

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