Retail Technology Improves the In-Store Shopping Experience

4 Ways to Leverage Retail Technology

Take a moment to think about how your store looks from the customer’s perspective. What are they experiencing when they shop inside your four walls? New retail technology is taking brick-and-mortar stores to the next level and quickly evolving with an emphasis on providing shoppers with outstanding experiences. New technology gives your store a modern, high-tech appearance that’s attractive and enticing. Moreover, retailers are leveraging technology to accomplish business goals including a higher quality of customer service, increased sales, and greater customer retention.

While it’s extremely enticing to go out and purchase all brand-new everything to update your store’s technology, it’s not always feasible. Luckily, there are ways you can improve the shopper experience, refresh your store, invigorate employees and update your technology with small upgrades that make a big impact but don’t break the bank.

Use Technology to Update Your LookMobile POS

If your point of sale (POS) hardware is a clunky tangle of cables and bulky components, it sends the wrong message to customers who increasingly associate simple, clean configurations with a store capable of providing the types of customer experiences modern shoppers want.

There are solutions on the market that specifically tackle this for retailers to help them clear the clutter off the checkout stand. Accessory manufacturers like Spacepole, Inc. offer highly customizable mounting options in custom colors, enclosures and mounts as well as off-the-shelf models.

These small changes can have a huge impact on the look of your store.

retail technologyUse Technology to Improve Customer Engagement

There is a paradigm shift underway in retail towards mobile technology. Stores are finding that consumers want the kind of personalized experience an associate with a tablet or smartphone can provide. An information-armed store associate is like a beacon of light to a wandering shopper.

Even traditional stationary POS terminals can be configured to give sales associates the tools they need to access information and complete transactions quickly and accurately. Pole displays and customer facing screens can keep shoppers informed and engaged throughout the checkout process.

With today’s retail technology you can choose whatever POS configuration works best for your store and customize it for your exact specification and needs using specialized enclosures, poles, mounts, and secure docking stations. Simply redesigning the workflow for your employees can provide an optimally better shopping experience — and free up associates and managers to devote more attention to customers.

secure paymentsUse Technology to Ramp Up Security

Customers put their trust in you each time they make a payment and swipe their credit cards on your point of sale. A highly secure payment processing interface is key to your customers’ peace of mind and overall happiness with their shopping experience.

As consumer grade technologies like tablets and smartphones make their way onto the sales floor and into retail operations there is a corresponding need to secure your investment as well as customer data.

Utilizing a secure mounting solution extends the life of your mobile devices while deterring theft and tampering.

Use Technology to Extend the Life of Your Current System

If you have the budget to revamp your entire in-store technology, that is amazing. But if you aren’t ready to jump into an exhaustive overhaul, technology mounting solutions are a budget-friendly option. They allow you to replace and upgrade select parts of your equipment while maintaining the integrity and infrastructure of what already exists in your store. Extending the life of your current configuration could be as simple as moving elements off the checkout stand, cleverly hiding cables, or remounting your point of sale.

Great Expectations from Retail Technology

You don’t have to throw out your entire point of sale system to get your store where it needs to be retail technology-wise. With a little research into available solutions you will find options that compliment your existing equipment and give you a jumping-off point to head into the future and toward in-store shopping experiences that turn shoppers into loyal customers.


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