Technology Solutions Provided By Mainstreet Inc

Effectively customized for your business needs

At first glance, retail hardware may seem to be a commodity that can be purchased from a multitude of sellers over a multitude of channels. Low price, low value.


But how do you interpret all the technologies available today to determine whether they’re effective for your business? Can any of the systems currently in use be re-purposed into next gen to help drive some costs savings?


What about the products offered by multiple manufacturers? Which have the features you need for your stores today with the scalability for future growth?


What about longevity and version control? Will this same device be available over a long rollout period?


Mainstreet’s team of experts know the answers to these and many other questions essential to helping you determine the best technologies and systems for your stores. We have many partnerships with best-in-class manufacturers to give you the options needed to make the most effective decision for your business. Plus our agility and flexibility strengthens these partnerships by customizing their world-class systems to each client’s needs.

Hardware Solutions Purpose-Built for You

Whether it’s time to refresh a legacy store system or implement one that’s completely new, retailers can turn with confidence to Mainstreet for all their solution needs. Mainstreet has the agility and flexibility needed to complement world-class systems from leading manufacturers whose best-in-class, reliable retail technologies are purpose-built with a long life span in mind – a key purchasing criteria for almost every merchant.


Mainstreet clients enjoy an effortless migration to new solutions. We support in-store systems from virtually every major manufacturer from the most current models to legacy configurations.


Focused. Flexible. Accountable.

MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.