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79% of consumers agree that technology improves their restaurant experience.

Source: Restaurant Technology in 2016 Industry Report | Toast Restaurant POS

Technology enhances the restaurant experience

Technology elevates diners’ guest experiences while streamlining and optimizing back of house processes and operations. Restaurants are getting better about how they view and use technology to power every aspect of their business and fuel its success.


In fact, technology can influence most every aspect of the dining experience from pre-dining online research and social media to mobile apps (mobile payments and wait lists), online ordering, digital menus, self-service kiosks, tablets (server handheld and tabletop models) and digital receipts.

Technology Improves Restaurant Operations

You may have already implemented, or will be over the next 12 to 24 months, several ‘back of house’ technologies like scheduling, training, inventory, recruiting, loss prevention, ordering, loyalty programs and reporting.


Further improvements can be achieved when the Internet of Things (IoT) enables the integration of various applications and interconnects technologies to power most every aspect of your business.

Network in a box

The more function you drive to your restaurants to enrich customer engagement and refine operations, the more you need to rely on a solid, reliable network.


As the industry adjusts to new demands, smart businesses find flexible, cost-effective, reliable 4G LTE to be the best solution to help extend, complement, and augment their existing network infrastructure.


No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime, so when time is money, mitigate the costs of lost revenue through Wireless WAN Diversity and 4G LTE failover solutions.


Best-of-Breed network solutions are a further extension of the robust solutions that we provide. Whether your business is a large national chain or a local shop, Mainstreet will work with our partners to design the best and most robust in-store network solution for your business.


From tabletop ordering to handheld ordering; line busting to even check splitting mobility energizes the dining experience and improves associate productivity.


Mainstreet helps you design, implement and manage most every part of your mobile infrastructure. Our partner ecosystem includes many mobility leaders from hardware to networking and connectivity – all backed by Mainstreet’s years of business solutions experience, extensive support services, and client confidence.

Streamline QSR Food Service

Mainstreet features Epson’s next generation Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) that streamline QSR food service operations. The systems are equipped with Epson’s reliable, smart printers that are easy to install and configure. Plus they can be used within existing kitchen workflows and because they’re POS agnostic, they easily integrate with your existing systems and lower your investment.


The results are greater efficiency, accuracy and redundancy for uninterrupted service so restaurants can do what they do best….serving and delighting their customers.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Protects your valuable inventory, assists with preventative maintenance of equipment, minimizes safety threats of spoiled food and helps protect you from liability with an automated, reliable and remote monitoring solution for walk-in/reach refrigerators, freezers, coolers and heating equipment.


Anaren’s Temperature Monitoring Kit uses wireless sensors to monitor refrigerators, freezers, and other temperature-critical equipment in real time, all the time. And because it’s cellular-based it’s less susceptible to power outages plus on-board battery backup that provides continuous connection to the network even during power outages.


Temperature data is sent over a cellular network to up to 5 designated cellphones and concurrently logged to a cloud server for easy, online viewing and compliance reporting.


Focused. Flexible. Accountable.

MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.