Restaurant Technologies

Control operations. Protect profits. Create memorable customer experiences.

73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience.

95% of restauranteurs agree that restaurant technology improves their business efficiency.

Source: Restaurant Technology in 2017 Industry Report | Toast Restaurant POS

Here’s how you can benefit from the solutions Mainstreet delivers for restaurant technologies:


  • Automate food safety, reduce food losses & streamline operations
  • Simplify payments and improve table turn
  • Optimize kitchen productivity
  • Make is easier for customers to customize what they want to eat
  • Keep your restaurant running when your network goes down
  • Personalize customer engagement & enable seamless orders across all channels
  • Attract and enthrall customers


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Disney CHEFS

Automate food safety, reduce food losses & streamline operations

Farm to Fork Food Safety with Disney CHEFS® powered iCertainty

Annual Food Losses Due to Safety Issues
Full Services Restaurants 50,000,000 pounds
QSR Restaurants 85,000,000 pounds

Leveraging Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ safety restaurant technologies and best practices, the innovative Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty Food Safety Solution is ideal for restaurant chains seeking to improve food safety, deliver a better customer experience, eliminate paper-based processes/checklists and improve food safety.


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CHEFS® is revolutionizing the food industry by giving you complete visibility into and control over your entire food safety process. With CHEFS® you can:


  • Automate food safety procedures, eliminate paper checklists
  • Digitally monitor safety processes and operations
  • Optimization reduces food costs
  • Improve audit and incident readiness

Using wireless temperature probes and Zebra’s mobile computers, Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty provides real-time information on food safety performance – eliminating manual, time-intensive paper records for food safety audits and regulatory compliance. The vision behind creating Disney CHEFS® was to embed the cultural competencies necessary to help deliver on guest service through standardized repeatable processes.

Simplify Payments and Improve Table Turn

Mobile Payments & Pay at the Table

68% of diners agree that pay at the table technology improves their experience (source Toast)


Pay at the table apps are one of the restaurant technologies gaining popularity with restaurants of all types and sizes, from fast casual to fine dining; regional chains to large-scale, nationwide operators. By reducing server trips back and forth to the POS terminal, pay at the table increases table turns. For customers, restaurant technologies like pay at the table give them a sense of security knowing that they keep control of their credit card and financial information. Plus, they have the opportunity to use more secure forms of payment like Apple Pay.


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mobile payments

Optimize kitchen productivity

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS)

Increase the number of tickets each chef can fill. Give your operators the ability to make better decisions on staffing, line optimization and setting customer expectations with restaurant technologies that boost productivity. KDS lets you know how long it takes your chefs to fulfill tickets at different days and times. With this info, you can easily identify the most efficient staff and those who need additional training or hours that may require more staff.


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Increase the number of tickets each chef can fulfill in a given time period by routing tickets to specific kitchen screens and prep stations. That helps you save on labor costs. KDS shows line cooks and expeditors what’s in the queue and how long it’s been there. Orders are marked as fulfilled using a bump bar or touchscreen tablet, closing out the tickets and clearing the screen. And when orders are placed online they can be easily routed to the KDS without manual entry into the POS.
Integrate your system with an Epson intelligent printer and it can drive the KDS while providing a printing solution.


Arming your servers with the latest in restaurant technologies like handheld tablets and KDS can drive even more efficiencies for your business and make your customers’ experience even better. Servers can get instant notifications on the tablet when tickets are marked as fulfilled on the KDS.


That helps you streamline operations, ensure your guests receive their food as soon as it’s ready, and you can cut down on wasted food that results from communication errors between the front and back of the house.

Make it easier for customers to customize what they want to eat

Self-Service Kiosks

65% of diners will use self-service kiosks while restaurants who use kiosks report higher average ticket sales (source Toast)


Wage increases, legislative changes to labor laws, and never-ending employee retention challenges are what’s driving self-service kiosk implementations at restaurants across the nation including McDonalds and Panera — that, and speeding the time it takes for customers to receive their orders while giving them greater control of their restaurant experience.


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When paired with mobile app and ordering, chains like Panera offer a hearty mix of digital options that customers are responding to.


We recommend Elo’s self-service kiosk solution. They’re the industry leader with over 40 years building touchscreens and the expertise of 20+ million installations worldwide.

mcdonalds self order kiosk

Keep your restaurant running when your network goes down


Being dedicated to delivering good food quickly means having bullet proof network connectivity no matter where a restaurant is located or how it gets online. That means having restaurant technologies that can keep you connected. From credit card transactions to guest Wi-Fi to customer service applications, your network must be able to handle all the business operations in an intelligent efficient manner, with 99.9999% reliability.


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Cradlepoint networking solutions are designed to support more than 70 different carriers. Whether your restaurants are in a major metro center or the outskirts of a small town, Cradlepoint is an easy to implement, cost effective way to give your operators latitude in how they choose to get and stay online.

mobile ordering

Personalize Customer Engagement & Enable Seamless Orders across All Channels

Mobile Applications

68% of diners agree that server handheld tablets improve their experience AND handheld server tablets increase sales by up to 20% (source: Toast)


Turn tables faster by reducing guest wait time. Serve more guests in the same time at stadiums and high-volume restaurants. Make it easy for your servers to upsell. Whether guests are served in a full-service restaurant, by the pool or in a stadium seat, wireless ordering and mobile point of sale (POS) solutions can increase your sales, enhance the productivity of your servers and ultimately increase guest satisfaction.


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Now restaurant technologies let you transmit orders wirelessly to the kitchen or bar from the table with the check easily generated directly from the order, and card payments can be processed right at the table.


Restaurants that have invested in omni-channel experience strategies are most likely to succeed. Mobile apps and ordering is a major component of omni-channel and it’s expected to grow exponentially so you’ll need to find a way to engage customers across multiple platforms.


Mainstreet recommends mobile solutions from Infinite Peripherals (IPC) for Apple platforms and Zebra when you’re apps are Android-based.

Attract and enthrall customers

Digital Menu Boards

Easily change menu items, prices and promote specials and new menu items without incurring the huge cost of changing out signs and reprinting menus. Plus, digital menu boards are green restaurant technologies and if you’re displaying engaging content, they reduce your customers’ perceived waiting times. You have complete control from a central site to update your content or you can extend control to the individual restaurant so they can tailor their messaging and offers to the unique tastes and preferences of their local target audience.


Focused. Flexible. Accountable.

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