IT Life Cycle Management

Refresh. Reuse. Remarket. Recycle.

Simple, ethical solutions for surplus equipment

POS and related store systems have some of the longest life cycles of most any technology that impacts retail stores. But how do you handle equipment that is no longer useful for your business?


Mainstreet’s IT Life Cycle Management solutions are designed to ensure that you get the most from your technology investment, and –when you are ready to retire the systems – they are disposed of responsibly and ethically.

Reverse Logistics

We can help you with the removal of equipment at store level. Many times when we perform on-site installations our technicians pack the uninstalled equipment for shipment to our depot facility, where it is consolidated and inventoried. Or if you already set aside the equipment, we can coordinate shipment to our depot.


By remarketing your surplus equipment we can help you reduce the cost of investment in newer technologies. Our aftermarket experts will remarket the equipment throughout our international network to ensure we get the best price possible for the equipment we sell on your behalf. And once the sale is final, you will receive the proceeds.


Asset management is critical for your business. With Mainstreet you will have serial number visibility to your surplus equipment. We’ll provide you with reports that detail the status of the equipment including refurbishment, remarketing and disposal.

Equipment Refresh & Reclamation

Often equipment that is deemed surplus may be the same systems that you are currently using in your stores but is in need of refurbishment. Mainstreet will refurbish the equipment to as-new condition so that it can be returned to a viable asset for your operations. In fact, we have a proven track record of reclaiming equipment that other repair providers have deemed “scrap.”

Or maybe it’s a device that is damaged beyond economic repair but there are still viable parts or components in the unit that have a value for your operations. Mainstreet will disassemble the systems, harvest the needed part/component, test and refurbish as needed.

Secure eDisposal

Mainstreet offers secure, environmentally-responsible disposal of surplus equipment. We minimize data security risks with complete PCI-compliant data wipes and hard drive crushing. Certificates of destruction are provided.


Focused. Flexible. Accountable.

MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.