Achieve 99.9999% Availability

Wired or Wireless

Network downtime can be harmful for any business but especially those like retail and restaurants who rely on quick customer interactions and transactions. Moreover many businesses are finding that wired connections aren’t robust enough to support their customer-facing applications, services and internal needs. Or they may have rural locations without access to a reliable wired carrier.

Mainstreet partners with industry leaders whose focus is on connecting peoples, places and things over both wired and wireless networks. Our goal is to ensure that every client’s location is securely and reliably connected whether it’s an urban or rural location.

Faster, more connected retail, made easy

The more function, visibility and client engagement your business demands, the more bandwith, data, speed, security and uptime you need.

Best-of-Breed network solutions are a further extension of the robust solutions that we provide. Whether your business is a large national chain or a local shop, Mainstreet will work with our partners to design the best and most robust in-store network solution for your business.

Cloud applications anywhere, anytime

Cloud-managed networks are essential for retailers who manage hundreds or thousands of locations by providing a single platform to easily deploy and manage firmware, configurations, and troubleshooting to individual locations.

Many retailers are moving to 3G/4G/4LTE connectivity that scales and adapts as quickly as cloud applications; gives more reliable service; and provides enough data to run an increasing number of cloud applications used by retail enterprises.

Achieve 99.9999% availability

Connectivity failures can cost enterprises thousands of dollars, per occurrence, and damage to their brand image. For catastrophic outages, wired failover solutions like T1 lines typically are laid in the same trench as the primary wired lines and subject to the same conditions as the outage.

Business continuity needs wireless failover. If a wired connection goes down, wireless failover seamlessly picks up with the signal strength and bandwidth that retailers and restaurants need for business as usual.

Beyond Guest WiFi

Smart merchants know that a connected customer engagement spans well beyond guest WiFi. And the retailers that harness the right tools to capitalize on the Internet of Thing (IoT) and the cloud to make the most of speed and agility will be the ones who succeed.
The reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Wireless WAN (WWAN), 3G/4G/4LTE connectivity is proving to be the best solution to enable a connected customer engagement while providing the nimbleness that back-of-house functions need.

Immersive, interactive retail

WWAN connectivity is not only compatible with digital signage, it gives the platform even greater capabilities with the flexibility to locate virtually anywhere and be managed by the cloud – off the core network.

The more uses the can be driven through digital signage deployments, the lower total cost of ownership of the network and the greater the effectiveness and productivity of the retail business.

Pop-Up Shops

Whether it’s pop-up retail or store-in-a-store, these concepts have become a go-to strategy to test products, build brand awareness and drive sales – all within a finite period of time.
The latest iterations of pop-up use more elaborate displays, high-end digital signage, more sophisticated POS, advanced mobile commerce capabilities and meaningful interactive experiences that further drive customer engagement.
Pop-up demands instant networks but running traditional wired lines can be prohibitive both logistically and financially. WWAN can be the answer so retailers can set up shop anywhere a wireless signal is available, providing the most connectivity options and bandwidth for a broad array of retail application needs.


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MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.