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Mobility is an essential part of transforming brick-and-mortar retail and enriching customer engagement. The challenge can be how to make sense of the various options and platforms to deliver a meaningful solution for your business.

Mainstreet delivers real-world mobility solutions for retailers that are ruggedized to meet the harsh demands associated with retail environments. Whether it’s mobile POS, tablets that empower store associates or mobile systems that refine your warehouse and distribution operations, we have the solution for your enterprise that lets you get the most benefit from your investment.

Mainstreet can easily add mobility to retailers’ existing infrastructures. We have a wealth of mobile options and because we understand in-store POS needs and challenges, we consult with retailers to help determine whether mobile will completely replace traditional, fixed checkout lanes or determine the optimal mix.

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Mobile POS

Liberate your stores from fixed checkout lanes that are not productive 24/7. Mobile POS enables you to augment or replace some — or all — of your traditional lanes and enrich your customers’ shopping experience through line busting and sales floor checkouts. Along with our strategic partners, HP, Epson and Elo, Mainstreet has the mobile POS systems that can easily convert from the fixed front-end lane to the sales floor…..and back again.

Store-level Mobility

Energize your store managers and associates with mobile systems that put them directly on the sales floor where your shoppers are. Mobility simplifies omni-channel integration and enhances customer engagement which strengthens their loyalty to your business while helping you gain competitive advantage.

Supply Chain Mobility

Refine your supply chain operations from warehouses and distribution centers to the fleet that delivers products to your stores. Mainstreet has the mobile computing and printing solutions from leading manufacturers who build their systems to withstand the rigors of harsh distribution environments.


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MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.