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Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty, Mainstreet & Zebra

Safe Made Certain

CHEFS® is revolutionizing the food industry by giving you complete visibility into and control over your entire food safety process. With CHEFS® you can:


  • Automate food safety procedures, eliminate paper checklists
  • Digitally monitor safety processes and operations
  • Optimization reduces food costs
  • Improve audit and incident readiness
Disney CHEFS
Automate food safety procedures

New food safety regulations require restaurants to document the safe handling of food more accurately and on a timely basis. Disney CHEFS® is a mobile application that automates the know-how gained through years of operating the largest theme parts in the world.

Move out of paper into digital capture today

Leveraging Walt Disney Parks and Resorts’ safety technology and best practices, the innovative Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty food safety solution is ideal for large worldwide restaurant chains seeking to improve food safety, deliver a better customer experience, eliminate paper-based processes/checklists and improve food safety.

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CHEFS® is built on more than a decade of Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) best practices proven in some of the most challenging food and beverage operations in the world. Using mobile handheld technology and wireless temperature probes, CHEFS® electronically monitors every aspect of food preparation – from hand washing to cooking and storage temperatures.

CHEFS® is a fully integrated food safety / HACCP tool offered by iCertainty through its licensed technology agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. It is built upon Disney’s award winning food safety training program as recognized by the International Association for Food Protection Black Pearl Award for excellence in food safety.

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How 'Safe Made Certain' Works

Using wireless temperature probes and Zebra’s mobile computers, Disney CHEFS® powered by iCertainty provides real-time information on food safety performance – eliminating manual, time-intensive paper records for food safety audits and regulatory compliance. The vision behind creating Disney CHEFS® was to embed the cultural competencies necessary to help deliver on guest service through standardized repeatable processes.

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Remote temperature probes work with sanitized digital or Bluetooth thermometers to verify temperatures throughout cooking process and in food lines. The devices have corrective actions built in showing employees exactly what procedures to follow if temperatures are not correct. They also alert users when scheduled tasks have not been initiated or completed. Real-time reports can be pulled immediately from the system so action can be taken as quickly as possible ensuring guest safety is never compromised.

Zebra’s mobile computers provide one-touch access to all the HACCP checklists and procedures that employees are required to follow to maintain food safety, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

All food safety data is automatically recorded on the Zebra device and then sent to a data repository that makes accurate information immediately accessible. Transferring data to the database is easy and immediate. Users simply press a button to document and save the data to the food safety data repository.

The Disney CHEFS® solution can also alert employees if food is not at an acceptable temperature or when critical measurements have not been recorded – helping avoid potential problems before they become an issue.

Annual Food Losses Due to Safety Issues
Full Service Restaurants 50,000,000 pounds
QSR Restaurants 85,000,000 pounds
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts has deployed Disney CHEFS® solution in more than 700 food and beverage locations throughout its U.S. domestic parks and resorts, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disney Resort and is continuing its implementation with the Disney Cruise Line.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Testimonial

“At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, we believe in sharing the availability of Disney-licensed safety and accessibility technology and expertise for use beyond Disney. By doing this we can share our knowledge, learn from others, and increase the safety awareness of companies and agencies around the world.”

– Greg Hale, Chief Safety Officer / Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Worldwide


HACCP is a globally accepted process for assuring food safety. By following HAACP procedures, restaurants and other food and beverage providers are able to control critical temperatures, measurements and other factors that make food safe for guests and employees alike.

Disney CHEFS


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