High-Speed LTE Solutions for Failover & Primary Networking

What does it cost your business if you can’t process debit or credit transactions?

Consider not only lost revenue and risk of fraudulent transactions but damage to brand as well as the potential long-term loss of a loyal customer.

Uptime is money

Faster retailing defines success in today’s retail world. Real-time analytics are essential for marketing team to create customer experiences that are controlled, cultivated and personalized. Inventory managers need more efficient supply chain systems. C-suite executives want to create stronger, more seamless brands, while maximizing the bottom line. Moreover, the amount of data that will be generated by IoT devices will grow exponentially faster than networks’ ability to process it.

These all create new challenges for retail IT teams who need to find a way to balance corporate mandates for speed and agility with security, cost savings and 24/7 uptime.

Advantage Cradlepoint

At Mainstreet, we’ve found that for many of our retail and restaurant clients, Cradlepoint is the answer.


Whether it’s the added assurance of wireless failover for a wired infrastructure all the way to a fully wireless network that leverages cloud and fog computing or cloud-based network management and application platforms, Cradlepoint has a range of options that satisfy most every network need for stores or restaurants of all formats and sizes.

Omnichannel retail
Digital signage & engagement
Failover for business continuity
Unified threat management &
enables for PCI compliance
Global Leadership

With over 1,400,000 deployments worldwide, Cradlepoint is the leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE networking solutions, providing business-grade and secure connectivity to distributed enterprises with hundreds or thousands of locations.


Retailers need a network that can support the growing list of mission-critical applications that require secure, reliable and fast internet connectivity. Cradlepoint has a solution whether it’s ensuring an ‘always on’ connection for store networks; powering intelligent systems that influence shopper behavior; or the transmission of real-time analytics that can inform decisions about inventory and marketing.

Cradlepoint benefits include:

Depth and breadth of LTE modem and operator support

Software-defined modular modem architecture

Broadest portfolio of purpose-built 4G-LTE platforms

Most reliable VPN Connectivity over 4G-LTE

Most bandwidth-efficient cloud management platform for cellular networks

Dual-modem, multi-carrier support

Innovative modem remote location architecture via PoE

Broadest deployed enterprise 4G-LTE solution world-wide

99% availability isn't good enough
for your business

Achieve 99.9999% uptime with Cradlepoint

Cradlepoint solutions meet the needs of even the most agile retail enterprise. With their 4G LTE Wireless Failover for business continuity, if wired connection goes down, the Cradlepoint solution seamlessly picks up with the signal strength and bandwidth that retailers need for business-as-usual.

Why is this important? Because every minute counts. Point-of-sale connectivity failures can cost enterprises thousands of dollars in lost revenue and brand damage.

  • Many businesses are finding that wired connections are not robust enough to support the data services they need to run internal and customer-facing services and applications.
  • Wired failover solutions like T1 lines are usually laid in the same trench as primary wired lines and subject to the same causes for outage.
  • Those businesses with rural locations may be challenged by not having a reliable wired service provider.

Even a fraction of a percent in downtime has significant costs.

Availability 95% 98% 98.5% 99% 99.50% 99.90% 99.99% 100.0%
Downtime/Year 438 hours 175 hours 131 hours 88 hours 44 hours 8.8 hours 52.6 min 5 min 16 sec

Check out how downtime can impact your business. All you need are a few of your business metrics.

Easily deploy & manage
distributed networks

Cradlepoint’s Enterprise Cloud Manager (ECM) solution lets you rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks that span geographically distributed locations. The results are improved productivity, reduced costs and networks/business operations with enhanced intelligence.

Instant insights & intelligent management: Manage data usage, performance and costs with ECM’s real-time network analytics.


Lower TCO: ECM protects mission-critical applications, improves network uptime and performance – all while lowering costs. Troubleshooting can be performed without the cost of onsite IT support.

Instant insights & intelligent management: Manage data usage, performance and costs with ECM’s real-time network analytics.


Lower TCO: ECM protects mission-critical applications, improves network uptime and performance – all while lowering costs. Troubleshooting can be performed without the cost of onsite IT support.

Cradlepoint solutions in action

Cradlepoint ensures secure, reliable connectivity that enables retailers to securely manage each store’s point-of-sale transaction, digital signage, VoIP and customer WiFi from one centralized location for both corporate and franchise locations. With Cradlepoint deployed, retailers achieve 99.9999% uptime, drastically reduce financial risk of fraudulent and declined credit/debit transactions and ensure fast, secure and efficient customer service.

Success Stories

Evereve’s Cradlepoint Success Story
4G-LTE Success Story – Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

National Supermarket Chain


  • Shared networks not secure
  • PCI compliance starting to require separate networks


  • Dedicated application-specific 4G network

National Restaurant Chain


  • Shared networks not secure
  • PCI compliance was difficult with shared networks


  • Dedicated POS network using 4G LTE

Global Restaurant Chain


  • MPLS was expensive, especially when compared with cable/DSL
  • MPLS was the single point of failure


  • Combined 4G and cable

Seasonal Pop-Up Store


  • Installation of wired networks was too expensive for temporary usage


  • 4G for temporary internet access

Store within a store


  • Large stores couldn’t provide network connectivity for ‘store within a store’
  • Complex billing and management


  • 4G provides primary internet access on a dedicated, secure network

Tier 1 Multi National Retailer


  • Shared networks were not secure
  • Wired networks were not portable
  • Multiple providers were required


  • Dedicated 4G network
  • Wireless = portability
  • Single wireless carrier

Kiosks & Digital Signage


  • Network access
  • Ability to relocate units
  • Bandwidth for future use


  • Bring your own network
  • Wireless = portability
  • High bandwidth 4G

Internet of Things (IoT)


  • Proliferation of IoT devices
  • Secure, reliable and flexible network access


  • 4G LTE for network access with cloud-based management and security


Focused. Flexible. Accountable.

MAINSTREET INC. is a single source of support for your IT systems ranging from in-store systems to the devices that enable your supply chain. Whether you need new systems or services to maintain legacy, Mainstreet can rapidly scale to your evolving business needs.